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Know When to Get Checked

Many don't know when to get a hearing test unless they have trouble hearing. Let’s change that.

Hearing Tests are for Everyone

We recommend hearing tests once every five years for those ages 18-45. Between 45 and 60, the frequency increases to every three years, and over 60, you should have a test every two years. That is if you have no signs or risk of hearing loss. Otherwise, it should be more often. Just like your teeth and eyes, hearing health care should be part of your regular routine.


Lifestyle and risks determine when to get a hearing test

You might be a very healthy individual who exercises regularly, works full-time, and enjoys hobbies on the weekend. But what if that hobby is riding a motorcycle, attending concerts, or working with power tools in the garage? Those recreational activities can be dangerous to your ears. Other risk factors include age, certain health conditions, and even some medications; all reasons to test your hearing regularly.

Signs you should get tested

Do you keep turning the volume up on the TV? Is it hard to follow conversations with two or more people? Do you say “what” a lot? Do you notice ringing in your ears, especially when it’s quiet? These are all textbook signs of hearing loss. We encourage you to start with our free online hearing test. Take it from the comfort of your home to see where you currently stand.


Benefits of taking control

Many people who notice slight hearing loss commonly think it’s not a big deal or they’re too young for it to be a genuine concern. The average person waits seven to 10 years before seeking help. That's a long time to miss out on funny jokes, good tunes, or touching comments. Early intervention will improve your quality of life and allow you to take preventative measures to protect against noise-induced hearing loss and other health concerns.

Reasons to get tested

These are great reasons to get a hearing test if you haven’t had one in a while or are at risk of hearing loss.

Our Hearing Tests are FREE

Treatment Means Better Outcomes

Diagnose Other Conditions

Establish a Baseline

Improve Quality of Life

Tailored solutions for you

Every solution we offer is professionally tailored to your hearing needs. Understanding that each hearing journey is unique, we utilize cutting-edge technology and personalized care plans to provide the best possible hearing outcome. This ensures you receive the most effective information and support specific to your lifestyle and preferences. Our expert team is committed to guiding you towards improved hearing with solutions that fit your life perfectly.

Our holistic suite of services includes:

  • Free hearing exams and assessments
  • Hearing aid devices and fittings
  • Tinnitus treatment and management
  • Hearing protection products
  • A network of trusted physicians

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