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Experience relief from tinnitus. Our services are designed to help you manage symptoms and enhance your quality of life.

The sound that isn't there

While there is no cure, a combination of advanced tinnitus management and hearing aids can be a powerful solution to find relief1. Are you experiencing tinnitus? Then you are not alone. 25 million Americans suffer from some sort of ringing or buzzing in the ears. While tinnitus does sound different for everyone affected, there are personalized treatment options to reduce the burden of tinnitus. Our hearing experts are here to help, to listen to you and to propose personalized solutions. 


Tinnitus is a common condition affecting millions. While it sounds different for everyone, it is characterized by a buzzing, whirring, hissing or pulsing sound that only the afflicted hears. These noises can affect anyone with no restriction to age, gender or background. However, tinnitus is more common in people over the age of 60.

There are two categories of Tinnitus – Subjective Tinnitus, a form of tinnitus that is undetectable and only audible to the affected person. This is the most common form of Tinnitus. In contrast, Objective Tinnitus can be measured externally as it is an audible sound emanating from the person’s ear canal. It can be attributed to a number of things such as movement of the cochlea or cochlear fluids.

Tinnitus is thought to be the result of damage to the cochlea's microscopic hairs that send electrical signals to the brain when triggered by sound. Those hairs can be damaged by:

Age-related Hearing Loss

Ear Infection or blockage

Injury to head or inner ear

Circulatory Issues

Tinnitus is a personal experience

For some, tinnitus sounds like a ringing or buzzing, for others it is a clicking or humming, and others describe it as roaring or hissing. While some cope well with it, others feel that their whole life is being affected by their tinnitus. Sufferers often feel alone with their problem, as tinnitus is a condition that others cannot see.2 


Managing Tinnitus Symptoms

Though there is no known cure for tinnitus, the hearing experts at AudioNova can help you manage through its symptoms. With our Tinnitus Management Plan, we can address your specific needs. Our experience has shown that this type of therapy has help in 80% of cases.

Tinnitus Management Plan can include:

  • Hearing loss treatment
  • Tinnitus masking features on hearing aids
  • Distraction strategies
  • Tinnitus Balance App
  • Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Treatment Solutions Available

Tinnitus self-management - The medical SilentCloudTM app combines several approaches of tinnitus management, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with education counseling and individually tailored sound therapies, empowering you to manage your tinnitus from the comfort of your home3.

Masking tinnitus sound - Phonak Slim, featuring a sleek, discreet style and state-of-the-art hearing technology, offers a Tinnitus Balance Noise Generator to help you shift your attention away from your tinnitus sound.

24/7 tinnitus relief - Lyric, a unique extended wear hearing solution, can be worn 24/7 for several weeks at a time. It offers greater tinnitus relief and stronger reduction of sleep disturbances than traditional hearing aids4.

What should I do if I suffer from Tinnitus?

Tinnitus can be a symptom to hearing loss. A hearing exam and consultation can uncover the cause of the tinnitus and solutions can be recommended and tried. All of our hearing experts are trained in tinnitus therapies and have a solutions on hand to get you the relief you are looking for. Please contact us for more information and to book an appointment in the hearing clinic nearest you.

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Further Reading

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4 Biggins, A., & Power, D. (2021). Reducing Tinnitus with hearing aids: Does Phonak Lyric™ offer a more effective option? Phonak Field Study News. retrieved from, accessed December, 2023. 

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