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Manage Tinnitus

Silence the noise – discover how to take charge of tinnitus and reclaim the sounds of your life with confidence.

Tailored Solutions for Your Tinnitus Relief

Every individual's experience with tinnitus is different, which is why our approach to managing it is as unique as you are. At AudioNova, we combine our deep understanding of hearing health with innovative technology to craft tailored solutions that address your specific needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to guiding you through the selection of treatments, ensuring that you find the perfect match to alleviate your tinnitus symptoms. Let’s tackle tinnitus head-on with strategies designed just for you.


Get the audio care you deserve

Tinnitus – that buzzing, humming, or ringing in ears – doesn't have to dominate your everyday life. Our hearing experts will empower you with the tools and resources to tame the volume and reclaim your peace free from the phantom noise. Whether your symptoms are an occasional distraction or a continuous nuisance affecting your day and night, experience the calm and control over tinnitus you deserve. With AudioNova, we’ll make the noise less of an interruption and a more manageable aspect of your life.

The causes of tinnitus

Why are my ears ringing? While the precise triggers are still unknown, studies indicate that tinnitus can stem from various causes, including exposure to loud noises, certain health conditions, medications, and even stress. It happens when your inner ear experiences the perception of sound, often unrelated to any external source. Tinnitus could involve hearing loss, where your brain receives fewer sound signals, leading to unexplained whistling, clicking, or high or low-pitched ringing in the absence of actual sound.

How we treat & manage tinnitus

AudioNova takes a personalized approach to tinnitus care, recognizing that effective management starts with you. By integrating innovative hearing technologies with targeted support, we align solutions to your unique experience of tinnitus. From initial assessment to ongoing therapy, our team offers guidance every step of the way. Together, we explore treatments that not only address the symptoms but also improve your overall hearing health, ensuring a strategy as individual as your hearing journey. Take the first step toward serenity today.

A solution for you

Lifestyle adjustments, like reducing caffeine and managing stress, alongside tinnitus management programs and certain medications, can significantly ease your symptoms. White noise machines offer a soothing backdrop to minimize and merge tinnitus into less noticeable sounds. Remarkably, modern hearing aids equipped with tinnitus masking features play gentle, ambient sounds directly into your ear, overshadowing the tinnitus noise. This combination of tools and techniques provides a comprehensive support system that caters to personal needs and enhances daily comfort in managing tinnitus. Learn when to get tested and let's create a thoughtful approach together.

The advantage of managing your tinnitus:

  • Regain peaceful nights
  • Enhance concentration
  • Improve communication
  • Lower stress levels
  • Enjoy social settings
  • Boost overall well-being

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