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Hearing Aid Smart Apps

Hearing aid technology now comes with customizable features that can be controlled through your smart phone. Download the apps.

You're in control

Hearing aid users now have controls at their fingertips. The latest in hearing aid technologies will connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth®, allowing you to customize listening settings, adjust volume and toggle through saved programs with pre-saved settings. On some apps, you can even get video call support from our hearing experts, all from the comfort of your home.


myPhonak App

Designed to connect with the latest Phonak hearing aids, the myPhonak App is a user-friendly smartphone app empowering you with customizable controls over your hearing aids. Make adjustments to various listening settings to enhance a night out in a noisy restaurant or a silly conversation with grandkids around the kitchen table. The myPhonak App is free and available for iPhone and Androids.

myPhonak App Features:

  • Optional Two-Factor Authentication
  • Quick access to most popular features
  • Connects smartphone directly to your Phonak hearing aids
  • Tracks health data and monitors your hearing aid usage
  • Connects remotely to your hearing care professional

Unitron Remote Plus App

Unitron’s Remote Plus App gives Unitron hearing aid users a long list of features to play with. The app is sleek and easy to use for simple volume adjustments, customizable listening programs and access to Unitron’s library of How-To Videos and troubleshooting information. Track your hearing aid usage and rate your hearing aid’s performance to share with your provider. Unitron’s Remote Plus App is free and available for download on iPhone and Android devices.

Unitron's Remote Plus features:

  • Push button change between listening programs
  • Volume control, mute & unmute
  • Adjust the balance between the TV Connector audio and the environment
  • Submit ratings on the hearing aid experience
  • Access how-to videos, tips and troubleshooting advice
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