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The types of hearing experts

Our hearing experts come with a variety of different licenses and credentials. Here's what those credentials mean.

Hearing Experts at AudioNova

At AudioNova, a hearing expert is a licensed professional in the field of hearing healthcare. Our hearing experts specialize in diagnosing and providing solutions to different hearing needs. For example: They help diagnose hearing loss, consult customer to understand their needs and when appropriate, prescribe hearing aids. Our hearing experts range in years of experience to levels of formal training, certifications and advanced degrees of education.


Each expert adheres to AudioNova’s strict standards of knowledge, professionalism, and customer attentiveness alongside their local licensing regulation. All of our team members are qualified to diagnose hearing loss, find suitable solutions, dispense and repair hearing aids. Our experts tend to fall under one of the following types:

Hearing Instrument Specialists

Hearing Instrument Specialist (HIS) or sometimes called Hearing Aid Specialist (HAS) are hearing experts who have completed a vocational training program in their state and have logged a predetermined number of practical training hours. States would then have an extensive exam that specialists would need to pass in order to become licensed providers. Every year, HIS/HAS's must complete continued education units to be current with the latest hearing care procedures and technology.

Board Certified Professionals

HIS/HAS's who have been providers for more than 2 years can continue their education and training to become Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences (BC-HIS). There is an additional certification board exam that they must pass and like before, will need to maintain continuing education credits each year.

Audiologist (AuD)

The most advanced level of education in the field of hearing sciences is a Master's or Doctorate in Audiology (AuD). Audiologists have completed several years of coursework that would include hearing loss, balance disorders, hearing anatomy and physiology, genetics, and more. They can diagnose and evaluate hearing loss and its cause, treat patients with tinnitus, balance disorders and number of less common hearing afflictions.

What to expect on your visit

If this is your first time visiting a clinic and speaking with a hearing expert, we hope you find the experience comfortable, engaging and professional. Whether you're seeing one of our Hearing Instrument Specialists or Audiologists, the process is the same - we're committed to listening and understanding you in order to find that personalized solution that is right for you.

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Becoming a hearing expert

The field of hearing care is abundant with opportunities for dedicated, hard working people. If you are interested in the profession, we encourage you to look into your state's requirements and licensing exams. Accredited programs are easy to find and apply to. Some of you may be interested in other supporting roles at our hearing clinics. For more information reach out to us for first-person practical advice from our practicing professionals.

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