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Getting matched with protection that safeguards you from the effects of noise-induced hearing loss.

Take Charge of Your Hearing

Protecting your hearing is essential. If you’re exposed to sound that’s higher than 85 decibels, it can cause irreversible damage. While noise-induced hearing loss is permanent, it only takes 1 appointment to equip you with the right hearing protection for your needs.

Tailored Protection You Can Trust

All customers have unique needs regarding their hearing protection. We are proud to offer you the latest innovations in noise protection, while closely considering your needs, lifestlye, and budget. Our hearing experts will match you with a custom solution that gives you freedom, confidence, and peace of mind while being in noisy environments. Over-the-counter ear protectors might promise to safeguard your ears from the effects of noise-induced hearing loss, but being fit for a custom product is the only way to ensure you’re fully protected. We take a comprehensive one-on-one approach with every customer we see.

Top-Tier Protection Products

At AudioNova, we believe proper hearing protection should be readily available to everyone. We offer high-quality solutions for all listening environments. Whether you work in a loud factory or go hunting on the weekends, we’ll work closely with you to find a custom solution that is right for your needs.

Start the journey

You’ll be met with a pinnacle audio care experience each time you visit our hearing clinics. When you schedule a one-on-one consultation with our hearing experts, you'll be one step closer to achieving optimal hearing health. Reach out to our hearing expert team today to learn more about being fit for the custom hearing protection we offer to ensure your hearing healthcare needs are covered.

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Entertainment venue staff

Machinist and factory workers

Hunters and firearms enthusiasts

Construction workers

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