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Understand Hearing Aid Costs

AudioNova is committed to our customers and explaining clearly the costs of hearing aids and reasons behind them.

Understanding Hearing Aid Costs

What if someone told you your hearing and quality of life could be significantly improved for about the cost of a daily latte ? Over the life of the device, that’s about what the daily cost of hearing aids equates to. Still, there are a variety of options and a range of prices. So, what can you expect hearing aids to cost at AudioNova?


Consider Your Needs

Before focusing on how much hearing aids cost, the essential consideration is how they will help you and improve your daily life. Putting your needs, lifestyle, and level of loss first will provide a clearer path to a device that enables you to take control of your hearing. Our experts are here to answer your questions, help you compare devices, and educate you on today’s technology.

Connect with the World

The good news for our customers is that a life-changing hearing aid doesn't have to be the most expensive option. We’re focused on providing the best services with a wide range of choices. As the leading authority in audio care , we present clear solutions for better hearing health outcomes. The best match for you might be the entry-level device that delivers crystal clear sounds.

Other Cost Considerations

Apart from the initial purchase price, it's important to consider additional costs associated with hearing aids. These might include repair costs outside of warranty coverage or replacement of rechargeable batteries. Understanding the full scope of potential expenses can help you budget more effectively for both short-term and long-term use.

How much are hearing aids?

After a hearing assessment, you’ll find devices that vary in price. These are the most common traits that determine the cost of hearing aids.

Included Technology

Additional Features

Hearing Aid Style

Hearing Aid Size

Number of Devices

Your hearing, your way

We believe in offering quality hearing care that enhances your life with transparent communication about hearing aid costs. Our wide range of devices ensures you can find a style that fits your needs perfectly, with custom programming and adjustments as needed.


You’ll always have an expert at your side to guide you through every step of the process, from selecting a device to ongoing support and maintenance. Better hearing health outcomes mean:

  • Complimentary hearing exams
  • Devices that meet your needs within your budget
  • Assistance understanding your insurance
  • Ongoing support and education
  • A trusted physician network

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