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Remove Ear Wax

Cerumen, commonly known as earwax, occurs naturally. Learn how to safely remove earwax without causing harm.

Earwax helps protect to your ears

Your ears are designed to protect and perform, and earwax plays a vital role in this process. It traps dirt and slows the growth of bacteria, providing a natural defense mechanism to keep your hearing sharp and ears clean. Are you feeling like you might have too much? As hearing experts, we promote safe earwax removal, ensuring wax doesn’t interfere with sound clarity and your comfort.

Signs of earwax buildup

While earwax is cleaning your ears, it works its way out of the canal as you chew, yawn, and speak throughout the day without interfering with your hearing. This process doesn’t require much help. If excess does build up, you may experience fullness in the ear, an earache, ringing in the ear, or conductive hearing loss. You can try yawning or opening your jaw wide, but if that doesn’t work, you may need professional ear wax removal.

Be cautious with home remedies

As tempting as it may be, refrain from sticking anything in your ear, including cotton swabs, to remove earwax. A warm compress or over-the-counter eardrops can be safe options to clean your ears at home. Using objects like cotton swabs or your finger can actually push earwax further into the canal or damage the eardrum, leading to infections or hearing loss.

We are here for you

Turning to professionals for ear wax removal ensures you remain safe while restoring sound clarity. Our hearing experts at our clinics use the right tools and techniques to examine your ears and offer gentle solutions that protect your ear health. If you experience hearing loss, dizziness, ringing, or discharge, it’s time for professional audio care for the best advice and hearing health care services.


Causes of clogged ears

Are your ears clogged because of earwax, or is there another contributing factor? Common reasons for clogs include:

Too much earwax

Water in your ears

Changes in altitude

Sinus infections

Ear infections

Preventing earwax buildup

Your ears constantly produce earwax to remove dirt, dead skin cells, debris, and other foreign material from traveling down the canal. With this steady cycle, can you prevent the eventual buildup of earwax? Our trusted hearing health professionals offer tips to help keep your ears healthy.

Maintaining clean and healthy ears

  • Maintaining clean and healthy ears
  • Avoid sticking objects in your ears
  • Wear ear protection in loud environments
  • Limit sudden changes in altitude
  • Wipe excess water from the outer ear after showering or swimming
  • Visit AudioNova for routine hearing assessments

FAQs about Earwax

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