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Beyond Hearing Instruments

The right hearing accessories will allow you to benefit fully from your devices. Let us help you choose.

Upgrade Your Hearing Aids

Modern hearing aids are much more than simple analog devices with limited features. Today’s digital hearing aids are equipped with a wide range of essential accessories designed to enhance your listening experience. From rechargeable batteries to cleaning kits and storage cases, AudioNova can connect you with everything you need to keep your hearing aids in top condition. Our hearing experts are knowledgeable about all hard-of-hearing accessories, so you can have confidence when choosing what’s suitable for your needs.


Innovative Accessories

At AudioNova, we understand no two patients are the same. Everyone has unique needs regarding their hearing health and treatment plan. In addition to maximizing your user experience, hearing accessories are essential to maintain and enhance the performance of your devices for the long haul. Our accessories include batteries & rechargeable kits, phone accessories, remote controls, audio streaming devices, microphone accessories, and other essentials for ongoing maintenance and care.

Discover Your Hearing Potential

When matched with the right accessories, you can enjoy your hearing aids to the fullest. There’s no reason to miss out on special moments with loved ones or the ability to catch up with old friends when you team up with AudioNova for optimal hearing health. Whether you’re interested in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or a remote control so you can easily access volume controls, we’re here to help guide you through the process from start to finish.

Enhanced Listening Experience

The right hearing accessories can significantly enhance the listening experience for those with hearing loss. Remote controls allow users to easily adjust hearing aid settings, providing convenience and precise tuning for different listening environments. Wireless accessories like Bluetooth devices allow direct audio streaming from phones, televisions, and other devices for a seamless listening experience.


Amplify Your Sound

At AudioNova, we personalize our holistic suite of products and services for every patient. We’ll work closely with you to understand your lifestyle and needs regarding your hearing aid treatment plan. With custom hearing protection solutions available, you can maintain good hearing health and safeguard it for the future. We give our patients the tools they need to hear the world around them more clearly. Our expertise ensures an improved listening experience and more control over your hearing health.

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  • Earwax guards and filters

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